Are you an artist, organizer, or collective who wants a space to create or rehearse or build or meet or think?


- You receive access to our 300 square foot studio space as it's available (changes every week)! For every 5 hours of studio space you use, you exchange 1 hour of work to YAH. With studio space costing minimum $8/hour, and our hourly fee at a maximum of $20/hour, we are doing an equal exchange for 2.5 of those hours, and offering you free space for 2.5 hours!

- The work you exchange for YAH will depend on what kind of art you make and how you want to be involved. The ways are endless, but here are some of our ideas of what kind of work you might do for YAH in exchange for studio space:

  • performing in one of our shows

  • helping create an installation for one of our happenings

  • exhibiting your art at one of our happenings

  • helping with our social media

  • helping run one of our events (tickets, bartending, child-care, etc)

  • volunteering on a community project

  • helping up plan for one of our projects

  • creating posters for one of our projects

  • helping us create a video piece

- Availability will shift week to week; however, we will always do our best to accommodate you.

- We ask that you document your work in studio and tag

- We would also like to share a profile about you and your work on our platforms!