Created + Choreographed + Performed by Rebeca Rad
With music by Starr Busby
Featuring: Sara Pinotti, Nia Calloway, Xamari Rolin, Aaron Madison, Nicole Raintoe, Hye Young Chun, Xandra Clark, Chun Cho, Darby Davis, Ashton Muniz, Megan Branch
Lights by Kelley Shih
Installation by Brooke E. Herr + Daniel Prosky

a nonlinear deconstruction of what home means for me through the lens of colonization and being torn from homes in this life, past lives and along ancestral lines. National home vs cultural home vs ethnic home; assimilation; coping mechanisms; inherited trauma and fragmented identities.

Performed at Flea Fridays: What does Home mean to you?
Curated by Lilleth Glimcher