YOU ARE HERE has access to a compound in Tesuque, New Mexico where we can continue to develop our performance pieces, films, and our research project, GATHER. 

In 2017, Lilleth and Rad completed their first road trip for GATHER in Tesuque.

In 2018, Lilleth and Rad went to Tesuque to continue developing their projects - Just Now and Decolonization Rave - as well as to continue work on GATHER and to plan our next big event in May. Lilleth and Rad are in Tesuque, New Mexico for January and February of 2018 to develop Lilleth's performance piece Just Now, Rad's performance piece Decolonization Rave: Part two and Part Three, Lilleth's installation Spit, Lilleth's film Reach, our YAH film what was sunset, and to plan our spring YAH event, Cosmic Contact! Contact us if you have questions!